Lectures and Workshops

Ann Sayre Wiseman travels throughout the world doing lectures and workshops, helping people to become more in touch with thier creativity, and inner self, and conquer thier fears by using imaginative therapies.

"In exchange for our place in childhood, home, school, and community, we learn to compromise and accommodate until little by little, our soul is eroded. We become divorced from our true self, and orphan the child within us. Creativity gets stuck in the promise of approval, fears of inadequacy and unworthiness become the driving force. Integrity is betrayed, until one day we realize...THIS IS NOT ME! I want to trust my feelings, take my own counsel, become my own best friend, empowered and worthy of my own approval." - Ann Sayre Wiseman

Lectures and Workshops:

1. Creative Dream Mapping
Translating images of the night into the metaphor of your life. Exploring your Wisdom from the night mind. Your intuitive subconscious originality to better understand, satisfy, and translate into the metaphor that reveals your life, for self-balancing and creative living.

2. Body Mapping & Self-Balancing
You will create a life size body outline and with the help of the inner voice, map the inner history, exploring new ways to befriend, appreciate, rebalance and live in harmony a more creative partnership.

3. What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life?
A hands-on creative life mapping exercise on a 4 foot paper. Making visible repeating patterns, acknowledging your strengths, obstacles and harvesting the best of what you have learned and experienced in order to design and create the future you really want.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Unblock creativity
  • Keep a dream journal
  • Recognize self-sabotage
  • Experience role reversal
  • Empower the higher self
  • Enlist your inner guides
  • Increase self esteem
  • Learn to identify feelings
  • Visualize and solve problems
  • Understand recurring dreams
  • Deal with unfinished business
  • Exploring options & Symbolic healing
  • Rehearsals for behavior change
  • Up date early survival strategies
  • Transform negative energy into creativity

Dreams As Metaphor The Power Of The Image by Ann Sayre Wiseman

1. Record dreams as soon as possible, at least catch the images, without editing.
2. Note the feeling the dream left you with before you judge it with your waking mind
3. Note names, numbers, places, animals, objects, things.
4. Look for puns, metaphors, word play, double meaning, and paradoxical circumstances.
5. Note fears, anxieties, frustrations. Ask: What is needed to alleviate them?
6. Acknowledge gifts of any kind: advice, counsel, insights.
7. Use the exact wording & images as given in the dream.
8. Extract the metaphor: the bigger meaning.
9. Create a position of safety, so you can dialogue with the enemy or the threatening power.
10. Never accept punishment without asking why.
11. If fear woke you, return to the scene in your mind. Explore options. Ask how you might perfect the scene to make it satisfying and possible in reality.
12. In the dream space you can empower yourself; simply imagine it, you are creator-director-performer. You alone are the analyst
13. Note the emotional investment you deposit in your images and the projections you put on other people. Consider your projections as parts of your self which you can only recognize when seen in others.
14. Consider the age or time frame of your dream images in order to locate the source of the notion, the belief or the attitude the dream has brought to mind.
15. Note the days events which may have triggered the dream subject.
16. Translate each image into it's "essence" meaning. Consider it a metaphoric symbol of a quality you need, have or want.
17. Do not kill the enemy, confront it, Negotiate agreement. Win-Win. Acknowledge gifts, even something negative about ones self is a gift.
18. Rewrite your dream using the "essence" meaning. To gain a deeper reading:
19. Translate the "dream story" using the "essence words" in place of the people and images they symbolize.
20. As you repair your position in the dream, note the dichotomy if any, note the circumstances which made you the victim so in future you can use this as a signal to make adjustments in obsolete behavior or assumptions.
21. When you're done, give the dream a title. Date and draw the symbols.

Mapping the dream on a paper stage will help you step outside. Activate the observer- director-helper side of your Self. Exercise your imagination. Celebrate your creativity, your originality! Remember, everything you do symbolically is a rehearsal for real life. Dreams help us recognize polarized attitudes & challenge us to re-balance the SELF.

Death is not necessarily an omen, dying can also symbolize endings of new beginnings, or come as a warning as well as a preparation for the inevitable, Consider death from all angles before you assume it forecasts the end. Consider pain and fear as an opportunity for growth or a time to focus on issues which the inner observer thinks you are ready to handle. Dreams provide a safe way to experience feelings and actions before daring to try them in waking life. You can practice self-empowering strategies and self-defense by programming your dreams.

Dreams are the sleeping artist in us all, an abundant source of originality, a path to our own wisdom.