Books and Publications By Ann Sayre Wiseman

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Publications Currently Available:
  • Dreams as Metaphor: The Power of the Image - price $10
    Order from Ansayre Press
    284 Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA
    02138 (617) 547-0339
  • *Nightmare Help, a guide for adults - Price $9.95
    Order from TEN Speed Press
    Berkeley, CA 94710 Tel. 1 (800) 841-2665
  • *Making Things, handbook of creative discovery - Price $15.95
    Order from Little Brown 34 Beacon Street
    Boston, MA 02108 Tel. 1 (800) 759-0190
  • Making Musical Things
    Scribner's Sons NYC

Sketch-Journals available through mail order:
Ansayre Press 284 Huron Ave Cambridge, MA 02138
Add postage $1.50

  • *Zihuatanejo Sketchbook: My Mexican winter - Price $12
  • Provincetown Sketchbook - Price $10
  • Sketching in the Greek Kitchen - Price $10
  • Sketching at Robert Bly's Great Mother Conference - Price $10
  • Sketching at the Christmas Revels - Price $10

The following titles are out of print but available in some libraries:

  • Cuts of Cloth, simple classics to sew and wear - Little Brown (out of print)
  • Rags Rugs and Wool Pictures - Chas. Scribner's Son (out of print)
  • *Bread Sculpture, the Edible Art - IOI Productions/Scriber's (out of print)
  • Rag Tapestries and Wool Mosaics - Reprinted as Rug Hooking & Rag Tapestries Van Nostrand Reinhold: NYC (out of print)
  • *Welcome to the World, the birth of kittens - Addison Wesley (out of print)
  • Finger Paints & Pudding Prints - Addison Wesley (out of print)
  • Tony's Flower - Vanguard Press (out of print)

*Film: New York New York

25 children create a hooked mural
tapestry filmed by the International Film
Foundations at The Metropolitan
Museum of Art. NYC.

Ann Sayre Wiseman's books can also be ordered online through amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble