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Monday Movie Madness
Join us on Monday's for a classic movie followed by refreshments and discussion led by David Bishop, Shakespeare scholar and film buff.

Mar. 4th, Dekalog VII, dir. Kieslovsky "Thou shalt not steal."
Mar. 11th, Tom Jones
Mar. 18th, An Autumn Tale, dir. Rohmer
Mar. 25th, Dekalog I, dir. Kieslovsky "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
April 1st, The Three Musketeers
April 8th, A Tale of Winter, dir. Rohmer
April 15th, The Road Home, (1999) dir. Yimou Zhang
April 22nd, The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
April 29th, Dekalog II, d. Kieslovsky "Thou shalt not bow down to any graven image."
May 6th, Nights of Cabiria
May 13th, none (We went to an MIT panel on Copenhagen)
May 20th, The Wizard of Speed and Time, dir. Mike Jittlov
May 27th, none (Connie's wedding)
June 6th, The Heartbreak Kid (1972), dir. Elaine May (embarrassingly dreadful)
June 10th, On Approval.

On Monday June 17th at 7:30 we will see

Dekalog III, d. Kieslovsky "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain"
, or

Claire's Knee, (1972) dir. Eric Rohmer

You can help choose which films to see in the future.We will consider films from these lists as well as other suggestions.

The A List National Society of Film Critics (Jay Carr and others),

American Film Institute and

Roger Ebert's Greatest Films.

The Saturday Night Movies

Feb. 16th, we watched Flirting with Disaster,
February 23rd, Quills,
March 2nd, Ma Saison Preferee (1993)
March 9th,  Butterfly (1999), Spanish,
March 16th, none,
March 24th, Into the Arms of Strangers,
March 30th, Almost Famous  (2000),
April 6th, Mississippi Burning (1988),
April 13th, Croupier(1998)
April 20th and April 27th, none
May 4th, Nixon
May 11th, Say Anything
May 18th, Mother
May 25th and June 1st, none
June 10th, Dreamlife of Angels.

Saturday June 17th at 8 we will see

Mona Lisa (1986)
, or

Thirteen Days (2000), dir. Roger Donaldson

Coming soon

Dr T and the Women (2000),

Waiting for Guffman (1996)

Check here weekly for the Doyle Saturday night movie.  Visit skyBuilders and learn about Bob and Derek's skyBuilders.com enterprise.  Also visit a new site we're hosting: GreaterPalestine.org.


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