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Join us for Monday Movie Madness, too, for a classic movie followed by refreshments and discussion led by David Bishop, Shakespeare scholar and film buff.

Saturday Sept. 1st Twenty-two Short Films About Glenn Glould.

Saturday Sept. 7th we saw Alice (1988), an eerie Czech variant of Alice in Wonderland, and

Saturday Sept. 15th, Down in the Delta (1998), dir. Maya Angelou.

Saturday Sept. 21st we will have Maborosi (1995) (Ebert's Review, Berardinelli's)

, or

Girlfight (2000) (Ebert's Review, Berardinelli's)

Coming soon,

Cast Away (2000) (Ebert's Review, Berardinelli's)

A Summer's Tale (1996), an Eric Rohmer film (Australian Reviews, Berardinelli's)


Check here weekly for the Doyle Saturday night movie.  Visit skyBuilders and learn about Bob and Derek's skyBuilders.com enterprise.

Monday Movie Madness

On Monday Sept. 17th we'll have The Lady Vanishes, an early Hitchcock

On previous Mondays we saw Chinatown (Polanski), A Murmur of the Heart (Louis Malle), Rosemary's Baby (Polanski's classic thriller), Rules of the Game, and The Grand Illusion.


Suggestions and/or comments?

Extra:  Sausage Stuffing Recipe, Ice Milk Recipe , Carter & Bob: Firemen, Carter & Bob: Blow, Tyger

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