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The movie Saturday night at 7:30 April 1st, 2000, will be Leonard Bernstein's Norton Lectures

"The Unanswered Question"  #3, followed by, or accompanied by, group discussion.

The movie Sunday night at 8 Mar. 26th, will be either

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (1928), Ebert's review,

Eyes Wide Shut (1999), (Ebert's review, Berardinelli's), or

Strange Days (1997), (Ebert's review,Berardinelli's).

Coming next Before Sunrise (1995), (Ebert's review, Berardinelli's).

Links take you to the reviews.

Also we can see Carter in a play:

        "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

along with the rest of his kindergarten class (10 min. show).

Check here weekly for the Doyle Saturday night movie.  Click on skyBuilders to visit and learn about Bob and Derek's skyBuilders.com site.


Suggestions and/or comments?

Extra:  Sausage Stuffing Recipe, Ice Milk Recipe , Carter & Bob: Firemen, Carter & Bob: Blow, Tyger

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